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A relationship coach is a professional who helps clients achieve their relationship goals. A relationship coach can work with individuals or couples, and can help them to identify, nurture and build strong loving, supportive relationships in their personal and professional lives. A relationship coach is different from a therapist, as they assume that the clients are healthy, powerful, and able to change with effective support, information, and guidance.

~quote from IAP College

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Anita has over Ten (10) years Relationship Coaching experience, with (3) Relationship Coach Certifications (2018), (2001-2003) Training Center Instructor, 1-year Internship Graduate (2000-2001) 4-year Ministry Training Center Graduate (1994-1998)

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About Coach Anita

She is a born-again Christian, Pastor, mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother, with an awesome granddaughter, grandson, and great-granddaughter.

Currently living in Florida.

Anita M. Washington, is a Certified Relationship Coach. She has over 20 years experience in successfully assisting clients to recognize their path to healthy emotions. This is the essential ingredient to experiencing relational fulfillment. Her heart is toward people, no matter who you are!

Coach Anita graduated from Living Faith Church Ministry Training Center Graduate (1994-1998) and is an Internship Graduate (2000-2001). She holds a ministerial license in the State of Virginia, issued October 15, 2002.

She worked at Living Faith Church in Manassas, VA for eight years, where she faithfully played an integral leadership role in the Women's Ministry and facilitated and administered the marriage ministry program. She also taught at the Ministry Training Center for three years.

In 2019, Anita earned her Certification as a Marriage Specialist through the National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME).

Additionally, she obtained three Coaching Certifications:

• Relationship Coach

• Certified Spirit-led Christian Life Coach

• Certified Christian Relationship & Pre-Marriage Coach

Throughout her spiritual experience, her desire has been personal growth and change. Her heart is to touch lives with the goal of helping men and women reach a place of spiritual, emotional, and relationship maturity.

"Experience teaches only the teachable." ~Aldous Huxley

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Anita is a God send! We have been blessed to know her for 20 years. She is an incredible counselor who seeks to understand your situation throughly and gives sound guidance through the eyes of the Lord. She stays true to her calling because she has helped so many people find peace, positivity, and solutions to life's ups and downs. You can't find a more kind hearted, knowledgeable, and nurturing Christian woman who has the love of God in her spirit!

Anita is an extremely caring person, great listener, very discerning and always looking to get to the heart of an issue.

When I met Anita I was going through a hard time in my life and right away I knew she was someone with a heart of gold. She is not only kind and loving but a beautiful person inside and out. She listens to you and really absorbs everything you say and then gives you guidance.

She is one of a kind!

For more than 25 years Anita has been a dear friend of mine. Through good times and bad, happy and sad, she has been a solid pillar of strength and encouragement to me! A faithful friend !

Anita has been a truth sayer, in a bold and loving fashion; able to look intimately into a situation and remain unbiased yet forthcoming. She carries a ministry of an encouraging word brought forth with a clear instruction to yield to the Lord and heed to caution.

Angie Morrison

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Laura Eason

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In discussing various marriage relational issues I have found Anita to be very balanced and sound. Her ability to delve into the background of the situations that contributed to the upheaval had a marked impact on things. I have found her counsel to be good solid advice.

Priya Jiandani

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Anita is like a general when it comes to relationships…

there’s no time to play games!

Pastor Joan Lubbe

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Loazia W. Boudreaux-Morales

Amy Mendez

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Anita has the unique ability to unscramble thoughts and actions to determine true intentions. We can’t always do that for ourselves. I am a better person today for Anita’s input during life’s critical moments.

Courtney Beverage

Anita is wise, has good insights and has a loving sense of humor that makes her counseling sessions and classes very worthwhile. She and Jesus are a great team!

Kelp Armstrong

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Setting Boundaries & Learning When to Say NO!


Healthy Emotions: Self-Confidence Self-Esteem Self-Worth

In Relationships the ONLY PERSON Who MUST CHANGE … Is YOU!

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